Our Commitment to Customers during COVID-19

We miss the days that we greeted you at our office, shared your unforgettable memories in the Yellowstone National Park, and got rewarded learning you enjoyed our clean and comfortable cabins and rooms. We miss your happy smile, inspiration, and our connection... And we also know that we all will be traveling again and we will be seeing you again!

During these uncertain times, it has been our priority to protect the health and safety of our guests, employees, and community. Here are what our hotel has been committed to offering:

  • Using EPA approved disinfectant products for housekeeping, laundry, and cleaning of office and public spaces
  • Complying to guidelines and rules by the CDC, Health Departments of all levels, and federal and local governments
  • Most guest cabins and hotel rooms have their own separate luxury and quiet mini-split air conditioner/heater. You are not sharing your inside-air with any other guests
  • Most guest cabins and rooms are spread on the ground level on an acre of hotel land
  • Sitting on the Yellowstone River bank and facing the Park within 1 mile from the North Entrance

We look forward to seeing your again at our Yellowstone Riverside Cottages! Stay safe! Stay healthy!